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The Isle of Tiree lies about 56.5°N 6.8°W off the west coast of Scotland and is the furthest west of the Inner Hebrides.


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Tiree's weather is dictated by the surrounding sea and the warming effects of the Gulf Stream. The winter average temperature is a mild 5C while the summer average is a modest 14C. Annual rainfall is about 1.15m / 45 inches. April to June is the driest period when there is about half the monthly rainfall of wetter September to January. Tiree is renowned as one of the sunniest places in the United Kingdom. Also, the sun sets at about 22:22 on midsummer's day, which is a whole hour later than London and 20 minutes later than Edinburgh. Long summer days and great sunsets! As a flat exposed island, Tiree is inevitably windy which has resulted in its almost treeless landscape.

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