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Wee Township, Rural Centre - Click to enlarge!
Wee Township, Rural Centre - August 2006

Windsurfer - Click to enlarge!
Windsurfer - April 2009


Nearby Places:
, Soroby
& Balemartine

Wild flowers - Click to enlarge!
Wild flowers
August 2005

Rainbow over Crossapol - Click to enlarge!
April 2005

Sand! - Click to enlarge!
Traigh Bhagh - April 2005

Tiree Rural Centre - Click to enlarge!
Tiree Rural Centre - May 2005

Crossapol across beach - Click to enlarge!
Crossapol across Traigh Bhagh
August 2005

Crossapol from Baugh - Click to enlarge!
Crossapol from Baugh
December 2005

The Reef - Click to enlarge!
The Reef
November 2005

Crossapol from Baugh - Click to enlarge!
Crossapol from Baugh
December 2005

Windsurfing, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
October 2004. Windsurfing.

Windsurfing and Hynish - Click to enlarge!
October 2004. Hynish beyond.

Ben Hynish from Crossapol Beach - Click to enlarge!
Ben Hynish from Crossapol Beach
August 2005

Crossapol, with Traigh Bhagh's huge sweep of brilliant white sand, lies at the southwest corner of The Reef - the flat expanse of machair in the middle of Tiree. Machair is a unique environment found in Ireland and the Scottish Islands. Machair is uncultivated coastal pasture with a soil comprising largely of wind blown calciferous (crushed shell based) sand. Tiree's machair is the most extensive in Scotland outside the Outer Hebrides and one quarter of the island is considered machair. The Reef comprises wet machair grading into marshland at the eastern edges.

During WW2, The Reef was chosen as an ideal location to build a military airbase providing aircraft cover well out into the Atlantic. Tiree Airport now uses the site and runway. Based too on the infrastructure derived from the original base, Crossapol provides Tiree's other main centre of services (along with Scarinish). In addition to Tiree Airport, Crossapol has two general stores, a garage, Tiree Rural Centre & Livestock Market, Business Centre and local government offices. The standby power station here acts as a backup to the submarine electricity cable from Coll and ultimately from mainland Scotland.

An Talla, Tiree's new Community Hall, lies at the western end of the bay. Checkout Important Buildings photographs.

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