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Cornaigmore Mill - Click to enlarge!
Cornaigmore Mill - July 2005

Working Mill Wheel, Cornaigmore - Click to enlarge!
Working Mill Wheel - August 2006

Nearby Places:
Loch Bhasapol
Cornaigmore Beach

Tiree School - Click to enlarge!
Tiree High School - July 2005

All weather surface - Click to enlarge!
All weather surface - July 2005

The Green - Click to enlarge!
The Green - July 2005

Cornaig consists of Cornaigmore and Cornaigbeg - big & little Cornaig - the name comes from the Norse: the corn bay.

The old mill at Cornaigmore was commissioned by the Duke of Argyll in 1772, and built shortly after, to offer grinding facilities to all on Tiree. Its waterwheel was driven via a short mill lade from Loch Bhasapol. The mill building, which operated until after WWII, now stands roofless and derelict. The actual wheel was rennovated in 2006 and now turns again.

Tiree's school at Cornaigmore offers full primary and secondary teaching. Tiree High School offers education up to sixth year (age approx. 18). It is now the only school on Tiree but a century ago little school houses were dotted around the island in the larger townships.

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