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Rainbow Gott Bay - Click to enlarge!
Rainbow over Gott Bay
- January 2007

Gott Bay and Church - Click to enlarge!
Kirkapol Church across beach
- March 2005


Nearby Places:
& Ruaig

Post Box - Click to enlarge!
Lonely Post Box
- November 2005

Mull across Gott Bay - Click to enlarge!
Distant Mull
- July 2005

Jura from Gott Bay - Click to enlarge!
Jura from Gott Bay
- January 2006

Church and Hotel, Gott - Click to enlarge!
Sands of Gott Bay
- March 2005

Tiree Lodge Hotel - Click to enlarge!
Tiree Lodge Hotel
- August 2005

Kirkapol Church - Click to enlarge!
Kirkapol Church
- June 2005

Tiree Wave Classic 05 - Click to enlarge!
Tiree Wave Classic
- October 2005

Lamb - Click to enlarge!
"Can I go for a paddle?"
- May 2006

Gott Bay is long wide expanse of southeast facing beach running from Scarinish & Gott Pier Ferry Terminal at its western end round to the hamlet of Brock, the little island of Soa & Ruaig at the east. Tiree accommodation is available at Gott Bay as several of the island's guesthouses and one of the two hotels, the Tiree Lodge Hotel, look out across the sand. The hotel building was formerly the home of the daughters of the 8th Duke of Argyll. The Argyll dynasty owned most of the Hebrides and much of SW Scotland..

Windsurfing, sailing and sand yachting take place here. Its sheltered aspect would appear to make it more of a beginner's watersport beach than some of the Isle of Tiree's more exposed beaches. Behind the Tiree Lodge Hotel lie the two ancient Kirkapol chapels.

At the western end of the sweeping bay lies the bare Rock of Mallachdaig which is said to be cursed by St Columba, Scotland's most famous cleric. Legend has it that he tied his boat to seaweed on the rock but on his return found the boat adrift. Columba then cursed the Rock saying that nothing should ever grow on it again.

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